Saving lives involves dedication, sacrifice, courage, and the HGSS in its operations goes beyond psychophysically demanding situations and through very difficult weather conditions. Therefore, quality equipment is needed to provide the necessary functional support at the right time. We decided to join forces with our heroes and design quality functional products. Socks, a product often neglected, protect our feet and therefore the body from the weather and physical impact during use, so it is imperative to have a quality product that can withstand the weather.

hiking shoes with hiking socks

Currently you can find selected Dogma products marked with the GSS logo and portion of the sales will be donated to help the operations of GSS. Currently, the highest quality models from the hiking, skiing and travel category are available. They are featuring soft merino wool, compression effect, flat toe seam, odour neutralising materials, and various functional elements carefully designed to enhance user performance. Selected Dogma & HGSS products are available in stores across Croatia as well in our web shop