Running became a very popular activity turning it almost into a fashion activity and many question why is it like that? There is an increasing number of races each year, and weekends are reserved for competitions, friends, stress, but in general a lot of fun. Fashion or not, increased physical activity amongst general population should be a positive way to go. Every runner’s dream is finishing a marathon one day and a marathon length is something mythological.

Am I crazy if I want to run a Marathon?

Well, there is certainly a bit of craziness in every Marathon runner however it is not enough for finishing one. Good physical and mental preparation are a key to success, probably like with every sports competition otherwise we could do a big damage to our body. Each new running week means increasing the length and distance. The hardest of all is definitely the inner fight, increasing those miles daily, trying to find time and motivation. If you are a total beginner, then 1-2 years of constant training could be enough to finish your first marathon. And if you run daily, with slow increase in lengths and within 8-16 weeks you could be ready. It will certainly take a lot of time since you have to run few hours per day to achieve the necessary endurance. The key is to progress slowly in order to avoid injuries which will make you start from zero. And this is the hardest point in every athlete’s life.

Marathon day

Thousands of thoughts will pass through your head in those moments, but probably the most you’ll think is why did I sign up for this? When fighting with pain, cramps and motivation, not many will find the energy to continue. However, reaching those mystical 42 Km will make you feel invincible. It’s a special feeling and you’ll be among few who made it. You’ll forget all the negative things and start thinking about the next one in the calendar.

Running with friends could help find motivation
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Pay attention to equipment and socks you’ll use.

Most famous Marathons in the world

In case you just found motivation to join one, here’s a list of the most famous Marathons around the world:

  1. Boston Marathon (April)
  2. Athens Authentic Marathon (November)
  3. Great Wall Marathon (May)
  4. Paris Marathon (April)
  5. London Marathon (April)
  6. Chicago Marathon (October)
  7. New York City Marathon (November)
  8. Berlin Marathon (September)
  9. Kilimanjaro Marathon (February)
  10. Tokyo Marathon (February)