Although summer is everyone’s favourite part of the year when we can relax and enjoy the easy going vibe, we must admit it is not the best time of the year for outdoor exercise and trainings. Due to high summer temperatures it is sometimes a real challenge to find motivation and time. It can be even dangerous for the body due to overheating and dehydration.

Autumn charm

With first days of Autumn, almost everybody is back to their life, business and training routine. Although a bit rainy, Autumn has it’s charm. Autumn is calmer and still warm enough for outdoor activities. Cycling, running, hiking and other outdoor activities are definitely more pleasant with cooler temperatures. However, due to changing weather conditions, adjusting your equipment is necessary.

Thermal protection

Since, autumn rains are completely normal, you should think about adequate equipment. It’s a good idea to have something with GORE-TEX or a similar membrane with water-repellent features. Neck warmers and bandanas can protect your throat when breathing cold air.

If heading to the mountains and higher altitudes a warm beanie might help against winds and colder temperatures. Whether cycling, hiking or running you should also think about different socks versions and characteristics that could make your activity more pleasurable. Merino wool with thermoregulatory characteristics, quick dry materials, thicker socks with layering and cushioning, higher shaft and compression socks will provide warmth and protection in demanding weather conditions.

At Dogma, we dedicated our time to make a product that will help you enjoy your sport activities longer and to perform better. Because happy feet, happy body.