While some people wait for summer and well deserved rest, others continue their active life. However, running in summer requires a bit of adjustment in terms of intensity, timing and equipment. Summer high temperatures make any activity even harder, especially when it comes to running. In order to avoid possible health issues we should change our running routine a bit and adjust to summer conditions.


You will be forced to change you activity timing to different hours. Running early in the morning or late in the afternoon while the sun is still weak will be a better and healthier option for your body. Running with high temperatures can lead to dehydration. Dehydration takes a toll on all your normal bodily functions, not to mention your exercise performance. You could experience symptoms like: dry mouth, headache, fatigue, muscle spasms, cramps, lethargy…


Keep in mind to stay well hydrated or you could experience severe problems. Get to know your body and create your hydration plan. Take small and frequent doses, 2-3 gulps spread out about every 20 minutes. Add some electrolytes and sports drinks to keep a steady flow of nutrients and energy to your working muscles. Your hydration plan should become your everyday routine. Wearing a flask can help you keep hydrated while running.


Summer running equipment should be lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking to keep your body temperature down. From light and breathable t-shirts, tanks, shorts to no-show socks, bandanas, visors and caps. Majority of runners will choose minimal no-show socks with fast dry functions. If you choose cotton socks, they could lead to irritation and blisters when they become wet and rough. The smartest way is to go with light and breathable technical materials.

dogmasocks run falcon lime men socks

Choose light and breathable t-shirts that will evaporate the moisture and keep you feeling dry. There’s nothing worse than heaving extra weight on your body from the t-shirt soaked with sweat.

A close up picture wearing Dogma Falcon run t-shirt in salmon.

With your main equipment you can always combine smaller accessories like bandanas and wrist bands to keep the sweat away from your eyes and face.