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Why Dogma?

Here at Dogma, we dedicated our time to make a regular product an amazing product. Socks have been underestimated for a long time, but we want to show that such a small product has a big powerful role in enhancing athletes performance.

That is why we studied and developed different technologies that can help you perform better, longer and happier.

To learn more about our technology, please check the list below

Odor free

Travel and explore new places and cities but stay odor-free with this masterpiece of sock technology. Innovative yarn uses a number of patented polymers to neutralize bad odor derived from acids produced in sweat, such as ammonia, among others. This yarn deodorizes body odor by chemical neutralization and ion exchange. Then converts these acids to other products that have non-odor. Such acids adhere to the functional group through its fibers, but they don’t lose their active ingredients. It has excellent durability.

Shin guard

These cushioned protection pads on your shin will minimize impact and vibrations transferred from your ski and snowboard boots to your body.

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