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Why Dogma?

Here at Dogma, we dedicated our time to make a regular product an amazing product. Socks have been underestimated for a long time, but we want to show that such a small product has a big powerful role in enhancing athletes performance.

That is why we studied and developed different technologies that can help you perform better, longer and happier.

To learn more about our technology, please check the list below

Calf guard

Calfs can be stressed by numerous little vibrations during long ski hours and snowboard jumps. To prevent calf injuries and speed up the recovery we have designed a special calf support that disperses the vibrations through layered channels and minimizes impact to your legs and body.

Compress power

Gradual compression power in our socks will support your muscles so you could perform better, longer and safer. The compress power technology stimulates blood flow and gives you more power. It reduces muscle soreness and post activity fatigue. You will recover faster so you can perform again faster than your competitors.

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