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Dogma family is a collective of sport loving people with passion for outdoors, nature, healthy lifestyle and amazing sport equipment.

We are blessed with different personalities, interesting life stories, valuable life experiences and we are happy to be able to share them with you. We have crazy snowboarders, nature lovers, professionals runners, hikers and hard working individuals. Dogma family is about dreams, passion, hard work and motivation that shows all of us to keep pursuing our dreams.

Robert Kisak-Robi

Robi is a nice kid whose actions speak louder than words. His bike skills took him to the highest level. He is a part of the national team and current national junior champion with goals set high for this season. Extreme sports seem to be his addiction. When off-bike season, Robi kills it on the snowboard too. We’ll hear much more from this kiddo in the future so eyes open wide and fingers crossed. Dogma will be on your feet.

Sarka Pancochova-Sharky

The crazy Czech snowboard slayer is an amazing snowboarder and athlete in general. With a bit more relaxed approach to training she is always at the top and tries to have tons of fun along. Together with Cheryl Maas they capture their crazy adventures in the so-called STMA blogs and vlogs so stay tuned for their adventures from all over the world.

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