Newest addition to our product portfolio

girl sitting on a porch of wooden cabin surrounded with luggage

The rise of interest in traveling was a starting point for our new socks category. With limited washing resources while on the road, the imperative is to simplify traveling of a modern traveler. For every modern traveler it is important to have functional equipment which can add quality and value to the process of traveling. Our models Urban Explorer and The Aviator will fulfill the needs of every type of traveler.

What is the benefit of travel socks?

Travel socks are special in their form and core. With modern high tech material blend which prevents and neutralizes odor, every traveler will feel fresh and ready for long days on the road. In the model Urban Explorer, we added big air channels in the toe area for extra ventilation. Padded zones will prevent blister development in the critical areas: toes, heels and Achilles tendon. There’s nothing worse than blisters when trying to explore new cities. In addition, our sock lock combo with elastic bands in the leg and foot area will keep the sock in place and prevent slipping down and bulking.
On the other side, there’s sofisticated model “The Aviator”. Designed for travelers on long flights or road trips who need extra support for their legs and body.. Compress power will reduce swelling and fatigue and keep your legs rested so you can explore longer and feel better.

Travel socks in black melange color with Dogma logo