Mountain Goat Multi


  • Temperature
    Light warm
  • Season
    Spring / Summer
  • Cushioning



  1. Perfect blend of technical quick dry
  2. Technical materials and merino wool for thermoregulation
  3. Light cushioning in foot area
  4. Achilles tendon protector
  5. Layered knit for better feel



  1. Functional polyester – 44,9%
  2. Merino wool – 18,5%
  3. Elastane – 27 %
  4. Polyamide – 9 ,6%

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Spring, Summer


37/39, 40/42, 43/46




Light warm


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Achilles Shield

Strategically placed cushions that absorb impacts and keep your sensitive Achilles tendon protected from friction and bruises.

Blister shield

For long miles without boring blisters we created perfectly cushioned critical areas in your toe and heel zone.

Fast dry

Fast drying materials will keep you dry and fresh all day long.

Cushion tech

Whether you are skiing, running, snowboarding or hiking, your feet endure massive stress, friction and impacts. This will make you tired and injured. Our cushion tech provides additional support in the heel, foot and toe area. Cushioned technology makes a soft shield between your foot and shoes and minimizes all the stress coming to your feet.

Sock lock duo

Optimally elastic bands in your socks will lock the sock in place and prevent her from slipping away and making an irritating mess in your shoes. We placed them in 2 different areas; your leg area and your foot so we can ensure that there won’t be any movement. These bands will adapt to your leg size and provide comfort and support during activity.

Aircon tech

Climate changes hourly and you can’t wear multiple types of socks on your activities. That’s why we incorporated smart materials in all our products. Their technology will regulate the temperature in your feet. When you’re cold they will warm you up, when you’re hot they will cool you down. The socks will stay dry and will lead the moisture away from your feet.