Gazelle Indigo Stripe

The Gazelle is perfect for runners who need additional support with compress tech. With compression technology your muscles can recover faster. In addition to that, light cushioning levels will boost your performance. They will give you optimal energy transmission and prevent impact and bruises. Compress power will save you from exhausting miles that add stress and injure your muscles and body. As well, you will look stylish and prevent nasty bruises when trail running.


  • Temperature
  • Season
    All season
  • Compression
  • Cushioning



• Strong gradual compression for better muscle recovery
• Strategically designed cushioning in the foot area reduces vibrations and prevents blisters
• Anatomical shape for a better fit
• Moisture absorbing and quick dry material
• Achilles shield protects sensitive Achilles tendon

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Indigo Stripe






Men, Women


All season


38/39, 40/41, 42/43, 44/45




Knee high




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Achilles Shield

Strategically placed cushions that absorb impacts and keep your sensitive Achilles tendon protected from friction and bruises.

Anatomical design

As we humans are born with left and right body parts, so are our socks. They have anatomically designed form so they could match your feet better.

Cuff tabs

Running can sometimes cause pain and our high tech pads are designed to prevent them and ensure an all day all run comfort. They are placed between the heel and tongue area of your sneaker and your foot. Rubbing on your shoes normally causes scratches and blisters because of long repeated friction and these tabs will definitely ensure a blister-free action.

Compress power

Gradual compression power in our socks will support your muscles so you could perform better, longer and safer. The compress power technology stimulates blood flow and gives you more power. It reduces muscle soreness and post activity fatigue. You will recover faster so you can perform again faster than your competitors.

Cushion tech

Whether you are skiing, running, snowboarding or hiking, your feet endure massive stress, friction and impacts. This will make you tired and injured. Our cushion tech provides additional support in the heel, foot and toe area. Cushioned technology makes a soft shield between your foot and shoes and minimizes all the stress coming to your feet.

Fast dry

Fast drying materials will keep you dry and fresh all day long.


Perfect, gentle and flat stitch that won’t hurt your feet. You can run and walk, bike and ski for miles but your feet will stay blister free.